In general, the procedure is very well-tolerated by children. We take every measure to ensure that pain and stress during the procedure is minimized.

1.) General anesthesia is not used in the office and is rarely necessary for this procedure.

2.) For babies under the age of 12 months, a topical numbing gel is applied to the area that will be treated. This medication works very quickly.

3.) For children 12 months of age or older, numbing gel is applied and in some instances, an injected local anesthetic may be applied for additional anesthesia.

4.) Our pediatric dental specialists will utilize a LightScalpel CO2 Laser to release a tongue tie/lip tie. The use of this laser means minimized bleeding, less risk of infection, faster recovery, and less swelling and discomfort.
You may breastfeed, bottle-feed or soothe your baby in any manner you’d like following the procedure. You may to stay in our office as long as necessary.

Post Care

  • Diet: Soft diet. Encourage fluids to avoid dehydration. Avoid salty and spicy foods (such as salsa), acidic drinks and foods (such as citrus drinks, lemons, oranges, etc.) or sharp foods (such as chips or tostadas) for the first 72 hours.

  • Oral Hygiene: Lasers are antibacterial so infection is very unlikely. In some cases, Glyoxide (oral antiseptic) may be recommended. It can be applied to the area with clean hands or with a cotton tip and is available for purchase in our office or over the counter at a pharmacy. Brush teeth with a soft bristle tooth brush carefully around the wound until it heals.

  • Care: There can be minimal swelling intraoral or extraoral in the following days after the procedure. Cold fluids, ice-cream, slushies and popsicles can be used for the first 24 hours to minimize swelling.

  • Evaluation: Patient should return in 10-14 days to evaluate healing.