*Dental Specialist Services:

  1. Cleanings
  2. Examinations
  3. Safe Digital X-Rays
  4. Fillings
  5. Fluoride Treatment
  6. Preventative Dental Care
  7. Extractions
  8. Aesthetic Crowns
  9. Dental Treatment in Hospital Setting
  10. Management of Dental Patients with Special Healthcare Needs
  11. Management of Neonates
  12. Interceptive Orthodontic Treatment

As your child’s first dental-home provider, Star Kids Pediatric Dentistry offers a wide array of dental health services beyond what a general dentist can provide. No matter what your child needs, Star Kids Pediatric Dentistry can help.

Hospital Dentistry

We are fully credentialed with:

  • El Paso Children’s Hospital
  • Providence Memorial Hospital

Emergency Care:

Our Pediatric Dental Team is on call 24/7 in the event your child is at the hospital for any dental pain or trauma.

Ankyloglossia: Tongue Tie

Tongue tie or ankyloglossia is a congenital condition that negatively affects breastfeeding. The thickened, tightened, or shortened frenulum affects the infant’s ability to suck and frequently results in sore and painful nipples. Other problems that have been associated to this condition are speech pathology, malocclusion, and gingival recession.

Maxillary Lip Tie:

A lip tie is the relation of the upper lip frenum insertion and position. Common findings with a prominent labial frenum have been associated with breastfeeding difficulties among newborns. It can also interfere with proper oral hygiene measures which can lead to caries as well as initiation and progression of gum disease due to difficulty with cleaning the upper teeth area. Diastema or a gap between teeth can be affected by the position of the upper lip frenum.

Nasoalveolar Molding:

Cleft lip and palate is a birth defect that affects many newborns in the United States. Cleft lip and cleft palate occurs when areas of the lip or roof of the mouth do not fully join together thus requiring surgery to correct the lip and palate. Before surgery Dr. Holguin provides Nasoalveolar Molding Therapy, a nonsurgical method, which will allow for a reduction in the gap. With this 15 to 18 weekly therapy, Dr. Holguin is able to prepare the infant for surgery to repair the lip and palate which will allow for a reduction in the gap and will provide better aesthetic results at the time of surgery. NAM is used mainly for children with large or wide clefts and has greatly changed cleft repair.